Local Chapters

Community Chapters 


VSN Community Chapters provide information, encouragement, Civic direction, and Faith. Our primary focus is to be a voice of stability and Truth in our society. As we establish Chapters through Cobb County, our commitment to you is that we will – with the highest integrity – promote the “Authentic American Dream” – The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave – The Land that protects and encourages all Americans to be ‘One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All” – A Land of Industry, personal self-control, and a deep trust in our Creator to help us secure the Rights which He has given to us.


Our Chapter team Members and Volunteers gather, archive in our proprietary database, and analyze Public Records kept by the various governing entities as relating to the official public offices and the work done within & by those offices. This allows us to analyze the proposed and existing ordinances and laws that are implemented and who were responsible for those ordinances and laws. We publish those findings through our proprietary web application (www.VoterSavvy.Org) so that we can easily inform our communities on how these officials promote law and order, based on how they vote on each issue.


Our Chapter Team Members and Volunteers help with voter registrations and poll monitoring during the elections.


Our Chapters sponsor civic presentations that focus of U.S Constitutional Government using authentic documentation from our national archives and other historic records. Our Team Members and Volunteers attend as many open meetings of governing authority (city council, etc.) as possible.


Additionally, our Team Members and Volunteers assist in hosting Bible studies that promote godliness, holiness, civic responsibility, and law and order.


Our goal is to organize weekly breakfast meetings and monthly fellowship dinners which include guest speakers who embrace our vision of Unity under God, love for each other, and who love Biblical Truth.



If you would like additional information regarding Voter Savvy Navigators Chapters, please visit our Contact page or email us at Info@VoterSavvyNavigators.Org.