Who is Framing the Society that your children and grandchildren will live in?


Our “Voter Savvy” Community Information Platform was created to help “We the Community People” secure the Accountability of our Elected Public Officials.


Within the voting process in America, it has become increasingly more difficult to keep ahead of the elections and find out who is running for the various office positions. But more importantly, how do the candidates visualize the Governing Process?


In other words, how do you determine what the candidate will really do, how they will vote on legislation, what they believe is the best purpose of government and what will they try to accomplish through the laws that they will implement?


In an effort to help shed light on the entire election process, this web-application was created to help Americans get a better understanding and better insight into the character of the people who are seeking to be elected into these offices (Federal, State, County, and City Governments).


By identifying candidates who share in America’s historic and Constitutional vision and by keeping watch on each elected persons actions and voting records, we will be better equipped to determine whether or not to allow them to remain in office – thus greatly enabling us in becoming more politically savvy.


Voter Savvy Community Information Platform


A Subscription with Voter Savvy Navigators can provide you with personalized:


  • Community Navigator access
  • Election Notifications
  • Seats up for re-election
  • Election Results



Coming soon:

  • Candidate’s Worldview
  • Verified accomplishments of the Candidates
  • Candidate Questions and Answers
  • Governing Official’s Track Records Archive


You can demo our proprietary web application (www.VoterSavvy.Org)