About VSN



  The Pressing Need


“We The People” are faced with the seemingly impossible task of identifying and electing trustworthy candidates for our governing offices.


Additionally, corrupt government officials seem to occupy almost every level of our system, and we lack the available means to “reign them in”.





Several of the things that “We The People” simply do not have access to are:


  1. The Original / Historic Vision of “The American Dream”
  2. Real-time influence regarding our elected officials
  3. Real-time control regarding corrupt elected officials
  4. Little confidence in (at community levels) in our election processes
  5. A real-time, lasting way to effectively monitor the performance of our governing offices


Voter Savvy Navigators’ Solution


Our Purpose is to help provide communities via local chapters and Web publications:

Community hosted performance evaluations of public officials

Community Centric Public elections information

Community Centric Public Official Oversight

A Real-time, secure Web Platform and Communications Network

Other Collective Self Governance Engagement resources.


Our mission is to serve / assist local communities by forming VSN Chapters which will be actively engaged in the selection and oversight of our elected & appointed officials via monitoring of actual performance (IE: results produced), based on 100% factual and verifiable “public record” documents. Our members and volunteers collect these public records and record the results in our proprietary Information System.


This operational structure provided at community levels oversees every elected and appointed official throughout our governing order.


Our Vision is to pursue Justice and only Justice – Nationwide.


A Unique Community Information System


The VSN Community Information System (www.VoterSavvy.Org) serves a similar purpose as a commercial Business Information system.


Business Information Systems provide the owner-operations manager with timely, business critical information that affects cash flow & profit, which is gathered from the various departments of the business. Then it is assembled into simple information summary formats to enable the owner-operators to quickly and accurately respond to issues which, if left unaddressed, would create unwanted and unfavorable results.


VoterSavvy.Org was created to reflect the governing structure of our United States Constitution. You will see the Federal, State, County and City governing positions as they exist under our Constitutional Governing Order. VoterSavvy.Org serves as a working model – or tutorial – of our U. S. Governing order at all levels, and it tracks what the various offices produce in legislation and ordinances. IE: whether their actions impact our families, Churches, Businesses – positively or negatively – in relation to our stated rights as American Citizens.


You will also find the original Basis of Justice (or the Four Organic Laws) which reveal the specifics that our American Legal System was created to protect. These historic documents define what the “Laws of Nature and (Laws) of Nature’s God” really are in detail.


Our new Community Information System is used to track the rules and regulations voted into law by the individual elected officials – at all four levels of governing order – City, County, State and Federal.


Our new Community Information System also enables you to track local, current issues. Issues which will impact everyone’s life either positively or negatively.


We are launching this new Community Enterprise System in Cobb County Ga, and we are focusing on facilitating Justice and Only Justice, as we live once again under the protection of our God Given Rights, which is the essence of the “Original American Dream”.