About VSN


 ABOUT Voter Savvy Navigators:


What if there was a way, regardless of our already busy schedules and over packed days, that we (all our communities) could re-engage in, recover, and maintain our Original Constitutional Order of Government?


What if we could stay well informed of and proactively influence our elections, WITHOUT entering into the “Strife of Politics”?


What if we could restore the Unity in America which led us to our National Motto: “In God We Trust”?



Voter Savvy Navigators was established to help provide answers and solutions to all of these questions.


Voter Savvy Navigators is a Hybrid Community Media Platform created to help strengthen local communities by promoting Christian, Conservative, Patriotic influence in civil affairs, as we work toward the re-settling of our communities.


Voter Savvy Navigators is also a community educational resource which promotes Constitutional, Bible based governing Order and the restoration of US Biblical Civics, the Rights and Obligations of the people, and a unique, Constitutional solution to Community Civics & the Accountability of elected officials.



What We Do


1  We serve our communities through Local Chapters and our goal is to have long-term civic influence in re-securing our Constitutional Governing Order throughout the County.


2  We provide our Subscribers and Chapter Members with a Secure, private Communication Platform thereby providing information and alerts regarding current elections and other pressing community issues.


3  We provide our Chapter Members with a secure, private internet platform and Web Application for long term accountability of elected officials and other civic / community public servants.


4  We facilitate private community education and training which focuses on where Liberty and Justice originated, and the responsibility of “We the People” in securing both in The United States of America.


5  We facilitate ongoing Bible classes & other resources to help re-educate Christians regarding Biblical Unity and godly governing order.


6  We facilitate speaking engagements on “What the Founders (and The People) Knew at the beginning of the United States.


7  Finally, and most important, we encourage our fellow community members to engage and persist in Biblical prayers of faith, for our entire Nation.



If you would like additional information regarding Voter Savvy Navigators Chapters, please visit our Contact page or email us at Info@VoterSavvyNavigators.Org.